myDAQ Attenuator Shield FRI-2110-1B


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Input to GRASS Amp (Pictured with cables to Grass Amplifier)

The myDAQ Attenuator Shield FRI-2110-1B provides an attenuation of divide by 1,000 or 10,000 from the outputs of AO 0 and AO 1.  This shield goes onto the myDAQ BNC adapter for x10 oscilloscope probes (FRI-2100-1).  They are differential signals with a millivolt or microvolt level to input to a physiological amplifier.  They can come from a LabView signal generator or a PhysioNet file.  Therefore, a physiological amplifier can be tested without having to connect a subject with electrodes.  In the photo the shield is connected via safety cables to a Grass physiological amplifier.  The amplifier’s output is connected to the BNC input AO 0 that could be seen on an oscilloscope type display.

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