TDE-433 Ear Clip with 4mm Snap Connector for Electrode (ONE EAR CLIP)

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TDE-433 Ear Clip with 4mm Snap connector for Electrode

Attach your preferred 4mm snap electrode to an ear, using our new Ear Clip. This utilizes the same spring wire tension as our TDE-430B Gold Cup ear clip, but the active part of electrode is a female 4mm snap connector. 

Use with our reusable TDE-211 AgCl Metal Snap Electrodes, or our TDE-211B Gold plated Metal Snap Electrodes, or TDE-202 Disposable/Reusable Snap Electrodes.

Please note the gold cup on the other side of the clip, is not active. It helps hold the clip comfortably onto the ear  

The options for this ear clip are: 

  • electrode (TDE-211, TDE-211B, TDE-202, none)
  • lead length (18”, 48”, 60”)
  • connector type (1.5mm Touchsafe, 2.0mm TENS, 1.0mm OpenBCI)

If you need a specific color please contact us, otherwise the color will be chosen randomly. 

We reserve the right to limit quantities.